The adventures of the Tidal Troll -is on hiatus-



im laughing so hard you’re so fucking stupid

Proof that people behind anon-hate are nothing but fucking cowards. So the next time an anon sends you hate, just remember this post and know you’re so much better than they are.

I get out of my hiatus because I think this is important, since (sadly) we all get anon hate. I learnt the lesson back in deviantart, but I suppose a reminder is not that bad, and you can leanr too :)






"you choose your favourite character because they remind you of yourself"


*very concerned




Not even worried.

you are no piece of thrash. and even if you were you'd be recyclable (is that how it's spelled?) so you'll still be good and liked and shit and everyone says you are better than the other thrash and they'd be right so be positive. and you still draw better than me.

yeah, it’s spelled like that.

"Ok, so what the fuck is this shit."

I’ve looked back to the las stuff I’ve been doing and this is the only thing that came to my mind. WTF am i doing here. 

I’m stuk, the only thing I’ve given to this tumblr it’s lazy shitty art and nothing good, and I gotta stop that -.- (like, holy shit when did I became this piece of trash)

So, guys, I’m taking a break. You should never run a blog without motivation, (specially with a character like Fizz.) Sorry new followers, sorry old followers, but I’m gonna get away form the LoL fandom until I have a definitive artstyle for the asks and my troll powers come back. (also, college and I got hit by my fangirl past, fuck)

How long will this break take? pfff…. no idea. But one thing is sure, I’ll be back.

Well then, see ya! Know that I apreciatte every single one of you, and I just hope you all are fine and have a good time in your lifes.


Did Fizz just cut his own tentacle?????!!!!

What do you think?

I’ve lost the originals of seven asks so you better be prepared for shitty art.

Zhu or Wu

Happens the same than before with Mon and Wu; Zhu is a very special friend, but Wu is like his bro and there is Sophie too.

So he would kill Zhu, if there wasn’t any weird stuff around.

How about Rixian and Miss Fortune?

He would kill Rixian. He probably thinks he is a funny guy but Sarah is like a sister to him. You can’t compare

Monkcoon or Wukong

Hmmm, this one’s kinda hard, but I suppose he would choose Wukong over.

However Mon is a very important friend too, so if the need was to take Wu down for whatev reason then he simply would be in complete charge of Soph and would carry on.

Miss F and Nami c:

Probably Nami, since he has known Miss for a longer time,  but there are a lot of stuff that could make that different.

Wukong and Wukong-mun.



He would kill Gaby 8D

And then we would feed her to Chomps (L)


The poor thing has to eat, Gaby. -w-

Wukong and Wukong-mun.

He would kill Gaby 8D

And then we would feed her to Chomps (L)

The amount of originality in this place is stunning.
He would kill Miss, with no doubt.

The amount of originality in this place is stunning.

He would kill Miss, with no doubt.

You guys think he is ok?

Send me a ✁ with two names and I’ll tell you whom my muse would kill.


And maybe if I’m still mad I’ll be explicit about it.
Rule: You can’t put Wukong and Sophie in the same ask you predictable pieces of shit.